Welcome to West Brothers Homes.

Extraordinary standards build masterpieces.

West Brothers Builders constructs works of art that perfectly match clients’ needs and desires. The same pride of workmanship goes into a simple basement finish meticulously executed as a 20-room home with custom details executed by talented craftsmen. The West Brothers’ team makes sure every job is done right, down to the last detail, the first time and every time.
West Brothers’ masterpiece homes are built of more than lumber, mortar and nails. The foundation is years of experience and commitment, carefully developed designs, finely crafted millwork, the very highest standards for “quality,” old-world craftsmanship and state-of-the-art green technology.
We are custom home builders that say, You dream it and we can build it.

“A house is more of a home when
it is a work of art.”
Frank Lloyd Wright

A House Built of Steel.

West Brothers built two homes for retired steel fabricators who wanted the homes “to serve us the rest of our years.”

The clients’ engineering background drove the construction of the home. The trusses carry double the deadload. The driveways have 8-inch steel reinforcing custom weld plates for the foundation. Steel beams for joists and ¾-inch plywood on the roofs, among other engineering requirements, made a high-functioning home that will last for generations. A full snow-melt system, triple pane windows, R-40 wall insulation and an ultraviolet water purification system save energy. The snow-melt system was offset by purchasing carbon credits.

The engineered homes were the foundation for decorative application such as a Venetian plastered ceiling, designer color paint and a Tuscan wall with a water fountain inspired by Michaelangelo’s David.

Recent Awards


Spring Tour Of Homes 1994

This speculative home was built on a beautiful one-acre site in Boulder County. Our company was one of the six premier builders chosen from many. The Brittany won the People’s Choice First Place in the Spring Tour of Homes in 1994. This was the first home West Brothers Custom Homes, Inc. built in the City of Niwot in Boulder County. Soon after the tour, a buyer from California bought the home. We added a fireplace in the living room and hardwood floors throughout to complement the client’s antique furniture.


Tour of Homes

Among all of the awards, The Peoples’ Choice Award is our most cherished. Our second home in the Boulder County Spring Tour of Homes was built in an amazing five months. The production schedule was challenging, however, we never lost sight of attention to detail, quality and craftsmanship. The architectural design, woodworking and interior design was timeless and of the highest quality.



Member of the Boulder Chapter of the Home Builders Association of Colorado since 1982.