Why Us

Luxury. The definition of a West Brothers home.

Luxury is more than surface applications or finishes. Yes, it might be the luxury of detail, such as a handmade molding lining the butler’s pantry, or the luxury of materials such as Venetian plastered ceiling. But luxury also means making a home fit you and your unique way of living.

So, when you talk about luxury, think beyond opulence. Think fit and function. When you feel comfortable, like you’ve finally come home, when living is easy, then you are experiencing luxury. Then you are living in a West Brothers home.


Only the most highly skilled craftsmen qualify for our team, and they take great pride in their work. The company hires its own framers, carpenters and cabinetmakers. They work for West Brothers, and only West Brothers. They can perfectly fit intricate carved molding in a few rooms, or build coffered ceilings throughout a 20-room home. They can create individuality in a custom home development, or make a client’s vision reality.


Our world demands sustainable today. West Brothers makes sure that green technology serves the homeowner, and the home is not only sustainable but also livable.

West Brothers applies green technology before a hammer hits the first nail in a home. For example, building a solar field to power a home may be in the plans, but West Brothers builds the solar field first in order to power the construction of the project.

West Brothers leads the way in the use of geothermal heat, triple pane windows, waste recycling and other green technology. In fact, the builder was the first to have a project permitted through Boulder County’s Build Smart program.